NOBAist - Music for Marketing
Would you like your customers sing, dance or think with the sound of your campaign? How it could get more sales or awareness or any other big result at your campaign? The answer is your custom jingle.
Commercial Music
Which emotion do you want to tell and make it feel on your customers? Let's design it for your campaign!
Youtube Video Background Music
What's the difference between common and custom music on your Youtube videos? Custom Music brings you more watch time which tells you users are more focused and open to what you tell them in the video.
Sound Logo
We make your brand more known in your user's ears like they see your brand logo. All of your corporate identity works together to get a bigger impact to remind. Your brand is going to hit two senses. To see and to hear...
Intro / Outro Music
The beginning and the end. These times frame is the most remarkable timeframe in your content. This is the repeated signature of your content. Customise it.
Social Media Sounds
You can choose a famous song for 10 or 15 seconds on your social media posts. Think about it again, does this music serve your content or song owner? How to combine content creation with your corporate identity? Do you want to customise it?
All reactions can be more realistic in your content. Laughing, exciting or shocking... This creates more curiosity for users. Let's design it!
Sound Themes
To influence your customers, you need to continue sharing your content persistently. Every content may be different but it should help to the main corporate goals. That's why we are designing sound themes to smooth transitions for different ideas and meet them at the main goal.

We design Jingle, Commercial Music, Sound (Audio) Logo, Social Media Sounds, Intro / Outro Music, Youtube Video Background Music, Loops, Effects. We especially work with Marketing Agencies, Video Production Agencies, Marketing Professionals, Content Creators, Editors, Corporate Communications Departments, Companies and Social Media Agencies.

Music for Marketing

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