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Who We Are?
First Step to Enter Neuromarketing
Focused to Influence in the Deep
So how do we do this?
Who We Are?
We know digital marketing tools, that's why we are experienced to understand, what is your needs.

NOBAIST is a marketing agency that has been providing digital marketing solutions since 2014.

We have served most digital marketing services like social media management, ads management, e-commerce and corporate website design, video editing to many brands until 2021.

Over time, we preferred to be on the more niche side in our digital marketing services with music marketing.

First Step to Enter Neuromarketing
Care about ``the sense`` on your content, this is the most important way to get a bigger impact on them. Welcome to the Neuromarketing.

We use the benefits of Neuromarketing and the sensory impact of music. We focused on content which it’s the heart of digital marketing.

That’s why we’re working on solutions that will make this content more unique for brands. Not only to be unique but also these solutions bring more flexible usability and speed to their creators.

Focused to Influence in the Deep
Influence your customers, touching their sense. Surround on their feelings.

We are also focused on bringing together some other ideas for brands, products or services.
– Supporting imaginations of the contents with emotions
– Subconscious influence in the deep

So how do we do this?
Music is our magic, to grow your brand impact, it needs some principles to make it real.
  • We make it clear what a brand or product wants customers to feel.
  • We make together musical ideas, natural sounds and effects which bring us more reality.
  • We diversify all themes with versions according to platforms and contents.
  • All these versions of the theme serve our customers in the easiest applicable ways. Your editing team can make all separated parts together, like Lego.

Music for Marketing

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